If you came looking for sexy bikini pics of Meghan Trainor, I don’t blame you. I am looking hard for them also. I would love to see her full-figured sexy curves in some half-naked hot pictures.

Hot Pic of Meghan Trainor With Her Hair Up in a Braid

Hot Pic of Meghan Trainor With Her Hair Up in a Braid

She may not be naked, but the lighting on this hot pic makes Meghan Trainor look like an angel. She has an amazing look with those icy gray eyes.

Hot Pic of Meghan Trainor Eating a Milkshake

Hot Pic of Meghan Trainor Eating a Milkshake

When your motto is that you ain’t no size 2 and you’re All About That Bass, you have to make sure not to lose your glamorous figure. As you can see here, Meghan Trainor keeps up her bodacious curves by downing big glasses of chocolate milkshakes.

Here's a Hot Pic of Meghan Trainor in a Short Pink Jacket

Meghan Trainor Empowers Fat Chicks

If you haven’t gotten the hit song “All About That Bass” stuck in your head yet, you probably didn’t know that Meghan Trainor is succeeding by empowering bigger girls to be proud of their bodies.

Meghan’s new song, “Title,” serves the same purpose of dissing skinny chicks and stick figures.

This Pic of Meghan Trainor Looking Sexy in See Through White Lace is As Good As it Gets

Meghan Trainor Poses For a Sexy Shot In See Through White Lace

I am waiting patiently for TMZ to get some candid shots of Meghan Trainor in a bikini, or showing some cameltoe, but in the mean time this will have to do.

Meghan Trainor Looking Sexy on Jimmy Fallon

Maybe it’s just me, but I still think she looks pretty sexy in black, while performing “All About That Bass” with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots.

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