Anyone have a quarter? I just found 27 awesome places to bounce that thing! Take a look below and meet all the contestants in the 2014 Miss BumBum Brazil Competition.

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2014 Miss BumBum Brazil Contestants

All 27 Competitors from the 2014 Miss BumBum Brazil Competition

You can now Vote Online for Miss BumBum 2014, but do your research first, as you have until November to pick your favorite.

Claudia Alende from Panará, Age 20

Claudia Alende, representing Panará, has always been known for her resemblance to Megan Fox, blue contact lenses, and the fact that her butt is shaped like two of the most perfect cantaloupes you’ve ever seen.

Here's a Classic Claudia Alende Selfie

Here's a Classic Selfie of Claudia Alende

When she’s not keeping her BumBum in perfect form, Claudia loves to post weird selfies on her Instagram and other social media sites. In fact, she is one of only 7 people that still use MySpace. Can’t get enough? See more Claudia Alende selfies.

Rebeka Francis from Rondônia, Age 23

If this were a side-boob contest, I’d guarantee a top-3 spot for Rebeka Francis from Rondonia, which has unfortunately become one of the most deforested places in the Amazon.

Now You Can Find Rebeka Francis on Facebook

She just joined Facebook on August 7th so there’s not much to see on Rebeka’s Facebook Page just yet, but I’d expect you’ll find more glorious pics of her awesome Brazilian butt in the very near future.

Ana Flavia Magalhaes from Goias, Age 27

When not busy working on her fabulous gluteus muscles, you can find Ana Flavia Magalhaes putting on some tight leather and modeling in a Ferrari.

Is It Just Me or Do Red and Tan Make a Good Color Combination?

Now if only we could get Ana Flavia to say “Broom Broom” while she sits there, in a Vine. Life=Complete

Patricia Oliveira from Mato Gross, Age 39

Patricia might be the oldest contestant, clocking in at 39 years old, but she frequently shows us on her Ink361 page how she keeps her ass so tight.

That is One Hell of a Six Pack on Patricia Oliveira

Here’s Patricia working on some squats and lunges. Pretty sure that trainer is totally checking out her ass in the bottom right picture.

Gisa Gomes from Sao Paulo, Age 28

One would imagine that having an ass this voluptuous and a waist this skinny would require a certain kind of wardrobe. Gisa Gomes models some of her specially constructed tight pants that fit her figure perfectly.

I Think She Pictured Those Blue Pants Twice...

I wonder just how many of those cropped lip t-shirts Gisa Gomes owns?

Lara Mucchillo from Bahia, Age 27

Lara Muchillo models for Dr. Shape in her spare time. As a bit of controversy, this site claims she is actually 35, not 27 as her entry would have us believe. Do I sense a DQ?

With an Ass Like That, Who Needs to Be in Shape?

Clearly, all of these women keep their figures the way they are by spending hours at the gym.

Karine Gaglianoni from Piaui, Age 18

At only 18, Karine Gaglianoni has a bright future ahead of her. You can find her wearing strategically placed body paint and supporting her country’s past-time, football.

Who Has the Privilege of Slapping Body Paint on Karine?

I must commend the artist for the amazing work on the lower half with that body paint! Is it possible to do that without enjoying it?

Clau Dullios from Rio Grande do Sul, Age 26

If any of these contestants really had me feeling they had enough torque in their ass to pull a sled, Clau Dullios from Rio Grande do sul is it.

Something Awesome About a Beautiful Ass Covered in Sand

In Clau Dullios’ local hometown of Rio Grande do Sul, the women often can be found planting their asses in the sand to see how much they can get to stick. It’s harder than you think.

Lucianne Sanches from Maranhao, Age 26

I can’t be sure why, but I keep hearing Austin Powers say, “It’s a man, baby!” Perhaps it’s the eyebrows?

Either way the side view gives us a nice shot of the freckles on her right butt cheek and the cross tattoo above her elbow.

A Side Shot of Lucianne Sanches, Pushing That Ass in the Air

So she has a butter face. Everything else is world class.

Juliana Bittencortt from Para, Age 28

Juliana likes to wear tight, black leather pants and lay on top of pool tables, using her own rack to replace the crappy wooden ones you always see.

Sorry People, This Pool Table is Taken by Juliana

Can you blame her? This is much more exciting AND sexy!

Renata Alves from Ceara, Age 27

Almost every photo of Renata Alves you can find on the Internet has her holding a soccer ball in the powder blue color of Argentina.

Here is Renata Alves Half-Naked, Posing With the Soccer Ball from Argentina

This perfectly positioned selfie leaves so much of her ass to the imagination, but she gets an A for great photography.

I wonder if Adidas or Nike has signed her to a lucrative contract yet?

Bruna Valentim from Rio de Janeiro, Age 21

In her free time, Bruna Valentim can often be spotted in the random Justin Bieber selfie. Damn, he gets all the girls.

You can follow Bruna Valentim on Instagram.

When Not Busy Modeling, Buna Valentim Poses for Selfies with Justin Bieber

Kinda makes you wonder how Bieber can be so stupid not to get the picture with her best feature, her ass!

Paola Araujo from Sergipe, Age 22

I think I prefer the side view to the front or back shots. It’s a good thing we are all only trying to judge the asses.

Paolo Araujo Getting Some Air in the Side Shot

The eligible bachelors out there should be happy to know that Paolo Araujo is single.

Tamirys Martins from Amazona, Age 22

Those ripe melons are so round you could make tortillas on them.

As You Can See, Tamirys Always Gets the Thumbs Up

Hey Yankees fan guy, thanks for photobombing this otherwise beautiful picture.

Ana Paula Souza from Distrito Federal, Age 27

You can find Ana Paula Souza on Facebook showing off her body ink.

Too Bad Asses Aren't As Unique Looking as Faces

Here, Ana Paula Souza gets her name written on her ass, so she can identify it among the other contestants.

Ana Paula Costa from Espirito Santo, Age 22

Ana Paula Costa doesn’t have much of a social media presence. She does have a Facebook account, but it was just started on August 4th.

Side Shot of Ana Paula Costa

I wonder how many years it will be before they bring Miss BumBum to America?

Nathalia Matos from Rio Grande do Norte, Age 23

Nathalia Matos excels at scaling trees with cat-like quickness and then looking sexy hangin’ all hammock like.

Nathalia Matos Likes Nothing More Than Climbing Trees in Bikinis

What guy wouldn’t follow her up in a tree to take this amazing photograph?

Vanusa Hoppe from amto Grosso do Sul, Age 28

A local legend, Vanusa keeps it real by helping out the local authorities.

Vanusa Hoppe Dons These Stretch Pants and Referees the Boardwalks at Night

Having a great ass is liking having a superpower. Don’t believe me? Just try and fuck with Vanusa and see what happens.

Vivian Cristinelli from Minas Gerais, Age 23

For a woman with a great ass, in an online competition, you would think Vivian would do a better job getting some press out there.

This Photo is the Only Other One I Could Find of Vivian Cristinelli

There is something about these South American women and taking triple photos.

Thaynara Ferreira from Paraiba, Age 19

Head on over to Thaynara Ferreira’s Facebook page where you can see tons of shots of her ass. You won’t be sorry you did!

Thaynara Ferreira Poses For a Selfie With a Mock Leopard Dress

See what i mean about these triple photos? I guess when you’re 19 and look like this, it’s fun.

Ana Paula Souza from Amapá, age 27

With awesome curves and beautiful tattoos, Ana Paula spends a lot of time showing off her curves.

Ana Paula Poses Provocatively on a Sofa

Quick question. When voting, do I only get to pick one?

Jaqueline Veloso from Pernambuco, Age 24

Jaqueline Veloso is extremely photogenic. She has mastered that sexy look.

Jaqueline Veloso Shows Exactly Why She is Tall, Dark, and Awesome

Imma go with Jaqueline Veloso being an odds on favorite. She is the whole package.

Lais Fernandes from Roraima, Age 23

Fortunately for us, Lais doesn’t only excel at fitness and modeling.

Is Lais Fernandes Going to Put That Whole Thing in Her Mouth?!?

Sex and sushi jokes just never get old. I swear!

Indianara Carvalho from Santa Catarina, Age 22

You can often find Indianara’s Viewgram account with great pictures. FYI: This is Brazil’s Instagram. Her ass is a bit petite for my taste.

Indianara Shows Us How She Gets That Perfect Tan

What, you didn’t think that awesome tan came from the sun, did you?

Michelle Docio from Tocantins, Age 30

PSA: Brazil, after hosting the 2014 World Cup will also be host to the 2016 Summer Olympics. And now, back to great asses.

Michelle Docio Showing Why She's Bad Ass (Pun Intended)

I just CAN’T. EVEN.

Graziella Fornazieri from Acra, Age 20

Acre: Graziella Fornazieri, 20 years

Would you believe it if I told you that Graziella Fornazieri also has a twin in the Miss BumBum 2014 Competition from Brazil?

Gabriella Fornazieri Posing Alongside Her Twin, Also a 2014 BumBum Contestant

Not only are they twins, but they each have the exact same size silicone breast implants AND, get this, an ass measuring exactly 98 cm.

Rafaella Fornazieri from Alagoas, Age 20

Alagoas: Rafaella Fornazieri, 20 anos

Just in case you didn’t really believe it, here is the twin, Rafaella Fornazieri.

Miss Twin Butt Rafaella Poses With Her Twin, Gabriella

Good Lord, there is just something not right about this!

The winner of Miss BumBum Brazil 2014 will earn $50,000 (let’s hope they aren’t pesos) and a contract with the men’s magazine “Sexy.” Online voting begins on August 11th, 2014.

Beginning August 11th, representatives witness a public online vote, after which 15 finalists are chosen. Then, those 15 finalists compete in front of a jury in a ceremony in November.

Now in its fourth year, Miss Bum Bum Brazil is becoming pretty popular. In addition to reaching international fame, they plan spin-offs in Miami and Japan.

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