Seems every couple years the media trots out Spencer Elden, that baby from the Nevermind album cover and makes him recreate the famous shot. Recently he returned to the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center in Pasadena to once again recreate the moment.

2014 Recreation of Nirvana Nevermind Album Cover

Nirvana Nevermind Album Cover With a Manatee

As you can see in this latest recreation, the dude is really not aging gracefully at all. It appears he’s put on a lot of weight and should probably see a dermatologist pronto.

2008 Recreation of Nirvana Nevermind Album Cover

Here in this 2008 recreation of the Nevermind album cover, Spencer was looking much more healthy, though modestly chose to wear swim trunks

In case you didn’t know the story, in 1991 Spencer Elden was just four months old when his dad Rick took him to a photoshoot to help out a photographer friend and subsequently made him part of music history.

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