Here's Almost Everything You'll Need to Make a Shotski

What You Need to Make a Shotski
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Other than a shitty ski, this picture shows almost everything you’ll need to make your own shotski. Once you get everything together, it should take you less than 30 minutes to build your shotski.

DIY Shotski Parts & Tools


  • An old ski

  • Shot glasses (x4)

  • 1/4″ – 20 x 3/4″ machine screws (x4)

  • 1/4″ – 20 x 20 mm insert nuts (x4)

  • 1 1/2″ PVC slip caps (x4)


  • Drill

  • Tape measure

  • Screwdriver (Phillips)

  • 6mm hex wrench

  • 11/32″ drill bit

  • 5/16″ drill bit

  • Masking tape / painters tape

To make the ski a little bit lighter, you might want to remove the bindings. Sadly, there’s not much of a secondary market for 20 year old Marker M38 bindings or these things would be on Craigslist already.

Put Some Tape on the Shotski Where You Want the Shot Glass Holders to Go

Shotski with tape marks where shot glasses go.
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To get started, place four pieces of tape equal distance apart on the shotski, and then mark the center of each one.

Pro tip: Give a little extra room from the front since it’s so thin there, and avoid the spot where the binding gets mounted if possible. Older skis often have a metal plate there that makes it tough to screw in the insert nuts.

While You're Measuring Stuff, Mark the Center of the PVC Caps

PVC Caps for Shotski marked with dots
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Use a marker to put a dot in the center of each of the PVC caps. Try to place the dot well, otherwise your shot glass holders could end up a bit off-center like mine did.

Drill Out a Hole in the PVC Caps With the 5/16" Drill Bit

PVC Caps with holes drilled out for shotski
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Use the 5/16″ drill bit to bore holes into PVC slip caps right where you made the dot. Don’t sweat it if you jack it up, these things are about $0.98 at Home Depot.

Pro tip: If there’s any excess plastic in the hole after you drill it, use a tin snips or whatever to clean it out.

Sometimes the Drill Will Make These Mildly Interesting Curly Things

Curly things from PVC Cap
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For some reason, as soon as I drilled out the PVC slip caps, I was hungry for rotini with meat sauce. No idea why.

Next, Use the 11/32" Drill Bit to Drill Out the Holes in the Shotski

Hole drilled in shotski
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Alright, time to destroy your ski. Swap in the 11/32″ drill bit and drill holes in the ski where you marked the dots on the tape.

This closeup is from one of the middle holes, where you don’t need to go all the way though. For the ends, feel free to drill it out completely.

Pro tip: Use a piece of tape on the drill bit to mark the depth. That way you won’t drill too far.

Screw the Insert Nuts Into Place With the Hex Wrench

Insert nut being screwed into a shotski
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If you’ve been wondering what the 6mm hex wrench is for, this is for you. Use it to screw the insert nuts into the holes you just drilled into the shotski.

Depending on what your ski is made of, this may be more thank you bargained for. Just give it solid pressure, and make sure you press straight down so the insert nut isn’t off-axis.

Once The Insert Nuts Are Screwed Into the Ski, They'll Look Like This

Insert nut screwed into a shotski
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After screwing in the insert nuts, they should feel pretty solid, and ideally they’re straight up and down.

Leave about a 1/4″ of the insert nut exposed so when you mount the PVC caps they’re raised up a bit. It looks a cooler, plus it’s easier to clean.

Pro tip: Be sure not to screw the nut all the way through the ski on the thinner tip and tail.

Use the Machine Screws to Attach the PVC Caps to the Shotski's Insert Nuts

PVC Cap attached to insert nut with machine screw
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At this point you’re almost done, and all you need to do is drop a machine screw through each PVC cap and screw it onto the insert nut as seen here.

Note the Duck Dynasty shot glasses which were only $1.49 at the Christmas Tree Shops. ‘Murica!

This is What it Looks Like Once You've Attached the PVC Caps to the Shotski

PVC Cap mounted to shotski with machine screws
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Once all four PVC caps are screwed in and attached to the shotski, you can drop a shotglass into each one.

Here's the Finished Shotski, Ready For Boozin!

Here's the Finished Shotski, Ready For Boozin!
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Once complete, your finished shotski is sure to be the hit of the party. Be sure to buy a few extra bottles of booze too, since the shotski seems to bring out the worst best in everyone!

Too lazy to make your own shotski? Buy a shotski on eBay.

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