Calling all Juggalos and Juggalettes! This Faygo Huntin’ app on Kickstarter will solve your Faygo hunting problems forever. Take a look:

That’s right! An app built by a Faygo lover for a Faygo lover to make Faygo huntin’ simple. Here’s the description straight from Papa Cheeto:

this best way to find all of your underground flavor in your town . from soda to concerts , we will know errthing juggalo in your area

this app is gonna be like a swiss army knife for juggalos. with this app ninjas will be able to find our favorite juice easily .juggalo friendly bussinesses and connect you to your local underground scene . yeah we da shit!

with the faygo finder app you’ll never be caught without a 2 liter to throw at the local hoodrat! or to drink to get the nasty neden taste out yo mouth!


Head on over to the Faygo Huntin’ App on Kickstarter for more info or to back this project.

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