The Trendy Azuki Bean Beard - A Fake Beard You Can Eat

The azuki bean, also known as adzuki or aduki, is an annual vine, Vigna angularis, widely grown throughout East Asia and the Himalayas for its small bean. The cultivars most familiar in Northeast Asia have a uniform red color. Wikipedia

Sleeping With an Azuki Bean Beard

I Can't Imagine How Long it Takes to Construct and Glue This to Your Face

The most common real use for these beans is to make red bean paste, if you were wondering

The More Stuff You Can Stick In Your Azuki Bean Beard the Better

This Crew is Like the Original Beatles of Azuki Beards Before They Went Worldwide Famous

It looks as if maybe they are even working on simulating the founding fathers of Japan here.

If You Can Fit Marshmallows and Candy in Your Azuki Bean Beards, it's Even Better!

The plus side of this beard in general, but especially this type is that if you get stranded on a desert island, you at least have some nourishment handy.

Everybody on This Train Platform is Wearing Azuki Bean Beards. Get With it People!

You can see that even the folks far off in the distance are wearing them. I guess they all have to get to the store to buy more Azuki beans.

What's Not to Like About This Rollie Fingers Version of the Azuki Beans Beard

If you can have crazy hair to go along with your beard, it adds to the look.

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