Allison Williams combines a white t-shirt AND a bikini for her Ice Bucket Challenge

Britney Spears is not to be outdone in this sexy Ice Bucket Challenge in a bathing suit and sleek cover-up

Nina Dobrev strips down to a bikini and goes “all in” during this Ice Bucket Challenge

Gigi Hadid is Just Breathtaking in a Bikini. And, oh yeah, she gets a bucket of ice water dumped on her head

Iggy Azalea accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge from J. Lo in a neon pink bikini

Suki Waterhouse has me drooling during this Ice Bucket Challenge in her shower

Anastasia Ashley bounces her sexy boobs in this Ice Bucket Challenge, using an actual ice bucket

In case you missed J-Lo in a bikini top and yoga pants taking the Ice Bucket Challenge, here it is

Kate Upton, fully clothed, does the Ice Bucket Challenge, but let’s be real, Kate Upton looks sexy eating cereal

This compilation of Ice Bucket Challenge Fails will have you laughing all day

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