Han Solo is one of the most recognizable characters in movie history, making him a common cosplay option. Fortunately, dressing up like Han Solo from Star Wars is no longer just for men, as you’ll see in this collection of hot girls doing Han Solo cosplay.

Hot Girl with Big Boobs Doing Han Solo Cosplay

Big Boobs Han Soo

This big busted brunette has it pretty well put together. You can even see the red line going down the side of her leg. My only peeve is with her wussy gun. That thing doesn’t stand a chance against a storm trooper.

Big Busted Blonde Doing Han Solo Cosplay

hot blonde han solo

I sure wish I could see more of this blonde’s costume, but I can tell that she definitely has the perfect rack. Again, the gun is pretty weak and the sunglasses don’t really fit, but I’ll let it slide.

Hot Girl at Comic Con Doing the Perfect Han Solo Cosplay

GHot brunette han solo

This hot girl pretty much has the whole package. She even sports the serene look of Han Solo. It’s all about the face.

Hot Girl Showing Cleavage in Han Solo Cosplay

cleavage girl han solo

This girl definitely has the costume all figured out, but I don’t recall Harrison Ford showing any of his stomach?

Asian Han Solo Cosplay

stylish geek asian han

I am not saying I don’t like the look, but there are several things wrong with this Han Solo cosplay. The jacket is blue and pants are brown, WTF! 

Hot Girl at Seattle Comic Con Doing Perfect Han Solo Cosplay

hot han solo seattle cosplay

This has got to be the best one. This girl even has the off-white shirt, which so many seem to forget about or just go in favor of white.

Bonus: Hot Girl Doing Chewbacca Cosplay

Bonus Sexy Chewbacca

Who could forget about Han Solo’s sidekick, Chewbacca. This big-breasted chick does a great job of making Chewbacca look sexy.

Clearly, there are plenty of hot girls dressing up as Han Solo, so whether you’re heading to a Comic Con, or just enjoy spotting hot girls on Halloween, keep your eyes peeled and you just might spot one.

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