Sometimes a t-shirt is more than just a t-shirt. Like, it’s a car, or a few cars, or even a house. Here are 5 t-absurdly expensive t-shirts, most of which cost more than you make all year. Sucks to be you.

$91,500 Hermès Crocodile and Chiffon T-shirt

Hermès Crocodile and Chiffon T-shirt

Thanks to Hermès, I can now fulfill my dream of owning a shirt made of “beautifully sewn swaths of crocodile.” Just gotta find a bank to lend me $8,000 to cover the sales tax.

In Case You Thought That Was a Typo, Here's the Pricetag for that $91,500 Hermès T-shirt

Given how much coin they’re charging for this shirt, it’d be nice if they could get some labels that actually stick to the tag.

Threadless Used to Offer this T-Shirt for a Mere $300,000

Cargo Flight for UNICEF by Justin & Christine Gignac for Threadless

A $300,000 Threadless shirts seems like the epitome of douche, until you realize 100% of the purchase price went to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to support lifesaving relief efforts for children in the Horn of Africa.

Datta “Gold Man” Phuge Has This 3.5kg 22-karat Gold Shirt

Datta Gold Man Phuge's 3.5kg 22-karat Gold Shirt

Datta “Gold Man” Phuge is one of the most sought-after mustache ride purveyors in all of India. His services command upwards of 100,000 Rupees per ride, so naturally he can afford to pay 15 goldsmiths to work 18-hours a day for two weeks to create this stunning shirt.

Who Doesn't Love this A.P.C. and Kanye West Collaboration Hip Hop T-Shirt

A.P.C. and Kanye West Hip Hop T-Shirt Collaboration

Though nowhere near as expensive as the other shirts, anger management consultant Kanye West gets a few coolness points for finding a way to charge $120 for a Hanes undershirt and have the damn thing sell out.

Of course, this Hanes undershirt has “better quality and fit” than your typical Hanes undershirt. Not to mention it has “zero tags, Egyptian cotton, and is longer than your standard plain white T” — all things that are totally worth the extra $115.

Not to be Outdone, This Guy is Wearing a 4kg Pure Gold Shirt

4kg Gold Shirt

At the current London fix price this shirt is worth about $170,000. That’s enough to buy more than 1,400 of those absurd Kanye West T-shirts.

Estrogen Bonus: Here's a Solid Gold Swimsuit and Coverup

Bonus: Here's a Gold Swimsuit and Coverup

Why go to the beach in cotton when you can sport this 1.6kg solid gold swimsuit and coverup for just ¥40,000,000.

Inspired by this comment by brilliant reddit user Buzzfeed_headlines.

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