It all starts with an eggplant, which we all know is super versatile when it comes to cooking. Tomatoes, in addition to being a fruit and NOT a vegetable, do a great job of simulating lips and gums. White corn, which doesn’t break down in the digestive system, will serve as the teeth.

Here's How to Prep The Eggplant Zombie Skull

All it takes is a few strategically placed cuts and a few vegetables morph into a gruesome grinning Eggplant Zombie skull.

Next, grab some shredded cheese and pack it on, to resemble some gross zombie skin. If you throw in some gorgonzola or blue cheese, it can get real moldy-lookin’. Now, get yourself a box of rigatoni, cook it, it and arrange it on your serving dish. The hair is made out of stringed zucchini.

Place the Eggplant Zombie Heads on top of the rigatoni, and finally add some stringed zucchini for hair to complete the effect.

WARNING! Be careful who’s around when you have these Eggplant Zombie Heads in your kitchen. My grandma almost dropped a deuce in her Depends the first time she saw them!

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