Full of Beans

Thousands of dollars worth of cocaine were found hidden inside these cans of black beans.

That Salt and Pepper Will Get You High

One tourist tried to sneak marijuana into these souvenir jars coming in to New York.

Try This for a Cork Popping Good Time

A smuggler famously compressed drugs into a champagne bottle in 1997.

Drug Smuggling Dog

These are the drugs which Vets managed to extract from the stomach of Rex the Labrador.

Avocado Filled with Cocaine

That’s not guacamole! One smuggler tried to stuff cocaine in an avocado.

That Stella Has a Surprise

A British file photo of how a beer can is used to smuggle drugs.

Get High Without Getting Off the Sofa

Cannabis traffickers filled up furniture with more than five tons of the drug worth £12 million which they tried to smuggle through a port on the east cost of England in 2005.

Beach Bummed Out

A surfer tried to smuggle marijuana into the U.S. inside their board, but to no avail.

A Hose Full of Kilos

This hose reel found on the U.S./Mexico border contained several packages of marijuana.

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