By now you’re probably getting tired of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos, so to help reinvigorate your interest, please enjoy these videos of girls in bikinis doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

We will keep you posted when we get video of Hillary Swank accepting the challenge.

Australian golfer Anna Rawson takes the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS in a Bikini

Wow, I bet you were thinking “she has really long arms.”

Holly Sonders Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge in Stars and Stripes

Although not technically a bikini, I couldn’t pass this one up. Go America!

Katie Kaboom Wears a Bikini and Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

Ken Casey from Dropkick Murphy’s spends way too much time talking here…

Random Hot Woman in a Bikini Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

Make sure you watch to the end where she says “my nipples are hard!”

Hot Blonde in a Bikini Does the Ice Bucket Challenge

It seems that a lot of these women need help getting the actual ice water over their head. #nervesofsteel

Nikki Takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge in a Bikini Top

Make sure you un-mute the volume to hear Nikki yelp in this Vine!

Maegan Lemons Takes to Vine With a Whole Cooler of Ice Water

The more creative the ice bucket challenge the better.

Ambeer Gives a Very Sexy Edition of the Ice Bucket Challenge

I really enjoy the artistic liberty she takes here.

Kennedy Jones Pours a Bucket of Cold Water Over Her Head

These just never get old!

Hope you enjoyed this girls in bikinis doing the ALS Challenge. Gotta go cool myself down now!

P.S. Despite the subject matter here, Striking Out ALS and the fight against Lou Gehrig’s Disease is serious business. Learn more at the official ALS Association website

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