Here is an awesome life hack and a recipe to turn a standard baked baked potato into a thing of beauty. By the end, you will have a twice-stuffed baked potato full of chili and cheese.

Start With a Medium-Sized Russet Potato

Cut 1/2 Inch Ridges 7/8 of the Way Through the Potoato

Insert Pieces of Your Favorite Cheese and Chili Between the Ridges

Cook the Potato at 400 Degrees For About 1 Hour and Then Pour Heavy Cream Into the Ridges

Sprinkle the Baked Potato With Your Favorite Shredded Cheese

Place Back in the Oven For Another 30 Minutes and Top With Sour Cream and Chives

BAM! Now, you have an amazingly delicious twice-baked potato stuffed full of chili and cheese.

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