Eating competitions are nothing new, but the University College Dublin’s annual Iron Stomach competition takes it to a new level. The 2014 UCD Iron Stomach competition had everything the die hard fans crave.

Menu From the 2014 UCD Iron Stomach Competition

Menu From the 2014 UCD Iron Stomach Competition

Early courses including fishy tampons, cat food and lake water. Just the thought alone makes me want to vomit.

For those with iron stomachs that made it to later rounds, the fare ranges from spicy foods to large amounts of cheese.

One Contestant Couldn't Keep From Vomiting at the 2014 UCD Iron Stomach Competition

The rules of the competition are pretty simple: Eat and drink what you are given. If you vomit you are out.

This poor guy can’t keep from puking and then proceeds to fall of the stage into his own vomit.

This is All Eerily Reminiscent of the Barf-O-Rama From Stand By Me

Every time I see somebody throw up, I can’t help but remember this scene of Lardass projectile vomiting blueberry pie everywhere.

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