A 2010 Lamborghini is Mangled After Crashing Into a Guardrail in Mount Sinai, NY

Samuel Shepard Died After Crashing His Lamborghini

In the early morning on Friday, August 29th, Samuel Shepard crashed his 2010 Lamborghini into a guardrail on County Road 83 near Route 25A in Mount Sinai, NY

The Power of a Lamborghini Proved Too Much For 18-Year Old Michael Shepard

Picture of Mangled Lamborghini

Fortunately, the passenger, 49-year old Michael Power, walked away from the accident with minor injuries. The 2010 Lamborghini wasn’t so lucky. It looks like a heap of scrap metal now.

Police Site Excessive Speed as Cause of Lamborghini Crash

Wreckage From Lamborghini Crash on North Ocean Drive

I can’t even imagine how tempting it must be to want to open this baby up on an open road in the middle of the night. The police haven’t said whether or not drugs or alcohol were involved.

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